Which Is The Best Biology Book For NEET?

The Best Biology Book For NEET

Are you looking for the best book in biology for the Neet exam? if you want to pass the NEET exam with good marks then you must read The Best Biology Book For NEET which will definitely help you to achieve your goal. In this article, I will tell you that you must read these 4-5 books to crack the neet exam with good marks, and at the end of the article We have given some bonus tips to achieve 325 + marks in biology.

1. 11th Class NCERT Biology (The Best Biology Book For NEET)

11th Class NCERT Biology

11th Class NCERT Biology will help you to clear your basics and it will give you some Basic Knowledge of biology to start your journey in neet.

2. 12th Class NCERT Biology (The Best Biology Book For NEET)

12th biology

12th Class NCERT Biology will help you to understand biology concepts and you must create your own notes that will remind you of all the concepts.

3.  MTG – Biology at your fingertips


MTG Objective NCERT at your Fingertips is an unparalleled book designed on the complete syllabus of 11th and 12th NCERT textbooks. It is recommended by Toppers and the Airs for NEET exam along with NCERT.

4. Trueman’s Elementary Biology VOL I & VOL II

Trueman’s Elementary Biology VOL I Trueman’s Elementary Biology VOL II

Trueman’s Biology is the best book for the NEET examination but sticking to Trueman’s alone is not at all a good idea.

5. Dinesh Objective Biology VOL I, VOL II & VOL III

Dinesh Objective Biology VOL I , VOL II & VOL III

Objective Biology by Dinesh is the most recommended book for practicing objective questions of biology. It is the best study guide in a very easy format which contains thousands of questions on each topic.

6. (Bonus) Previous year’s questions (last 8–10 years is enough). These give you an idea about whether or not you need to study extra material for that specific chapter.


In Case you want to build a book-reading habit we will suggest you Atomic habits books

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