Sakshamta Priksha Syllabus

Sakshamta Priksha Syllabus

Now Sakshamta Priksha examination is going to be taken by the Bihar School Examination Board. We will discuss about Sakshamta Priksha Syllabus. Earlier it was said that this examination would be conducted by some outside committee or in other words it would be conducted by a private company. Whatever was being discussed about taking Sakshamta Priksha Syllabus has now been changed here.

the examination taken by BSEB, after which there is a situation of confusion among many teachers as to what will be Sakshamta Priksha Syllabus, what will be the pattern of the exam, how number of marks will have to be obtained to pass, How to prepare for Saksham exam and the biggest thing is whether the exam will be qualifying or merit will be made, we are going to tell you all this in Article.

Sakshamta Priksha Syllabus

first of all, we will talk about what its syllabus is going to be. there we will talk about it, the first thing we will talk about is what its syllabus can be. You all must have taken an examination whose name was Efficiency Test, so if you all had seen its syllabus then you would have seen it in it.

  1. Math
  2. Reasoning
  3. Hindi
  4. English
  5. EVS

Looking at the present time, as soon as the official syllabus comes, we will come according to it

How many questions are going to be there in Sakshamta Priksha?

So the there in this exam will be 100 questions. And the time you are expecting will be 2 hours. There will be 100 questions and you will get 2 hours of time all the questions will be objective so all the questions will be objective.

the pattern of the examination will be in the objective format only.

How many marks will have to be scored to pass?

If we go according to the exam then it is estimated that for men they will have to score 50% marks and for women, it will be 45%. As of now, it will be mandatory for women to score 45 marks.

Will It be the qualifying exam or the merit list?

the next thing that comes will be the qualifying exam or the merit list will be prepared.

Let us tell you that the examination you are taking is not for any new post, this examination is being taken to advance the post you are in, This exam will be in qualifying mode, that is, the passing marks will be fixed in it. If you get that many marks, then all of you who are competent for this here will pass the exam and all of you will pass the state exam.

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There will be a qualifying mode and no other merit list will be made for this Read More

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